Red dot indicates center of mass

The cat stance is one of the five basic, highly used fighting stances: front, back, sitting, fixed, and cat. It offers some stability, quick movement, very quick kicks (with front leg), minimized target area to attacks, and quick changes to other stances.


  • Stance Width. Heels aligned.
  • Stance Depth. 1/2 shoulder width.
  • Front Foot Position. Foot pointed straight ahead, foot rests on ball of foot.
  • Back Foot Position. Foot pointed toward outside.
  • Front Leg Position. Knee bent, shin vertical.
  • Back Leg Position. Knee bent.
  • Shoulder Position. Angled 45° toward outside.
  • Hip Position. Parallel with shoulders.
  • Weight Distribution. 10% front foot; 90% back foot.
  • Center of Mass. Centered over back foot.
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