Loss of martial art skills

Some of the effects of an adrenaline dump are:

  • Sudden surge in muscle strength.
  • Increase in speed of movement due to the increased strength.
  • Insensitivity to pain.
  • You will become super strong, very quick, and super alert

However, these feelings will be a foreign feeling to you, making your actions clumsy and your timing will be off. In addition, there will be a dramatic loss of fine motor coordination. Any self-defense movements that require precise movement probably will not work for you, such as grabbing the thumbs of the attacker or performing some intricate wrist lock. For those who carry a firearm, fast drawing, aiming, and reloading will become difficult to perform.

No matter how realistic your martial art training may be, you never train under the condition of sheer terror. Therefore, do not fool yourself into thinking you will react any differently than any other human would react to a terrifying event.

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